DigiPen Outbreak

24/7. Campus-wide event. 100+ players in a head-to-head all-out nerf battle.

Mission Information

  • Dates: September 23rd - September 27th
  • Mission Briefing Time: 7:30 PM
  • Mission Start Time: 8:00 PM
Both teams will meet on Monday — Friday. There will be a mission briefing with time to prepare and plan for anything that lays ahead. If you can't make it to the mission info sessions on time for any reason, consult the mission information above and contact a dev if you have any questions.

Red Robin in Redmond Town Center

7597 170th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

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Everyone who attends Outbreak is also invited to join us for a massive yearly gathering at Red Robin. Attendance is highly encouraged as it offers a great way to hangout with existing friends, meet new people, and share experiences with everyone you spent the last week prowling. If you can make it, rides and information will be made available after the mission on Friday night.

Season 11 Leaderboard

Find all enlisted players, their respective teams, and related stats below.

Human Resistance (770)

Ethan VillasinLone Wolf225
Taher KagziCool Kids 90
Mitchell RoenkerLone Wolf80
Harvey Ace VallangcaI Died And All I Got For It Was This Headband80
Ina AlmacenCCS80
Connor TilleyFlargBlarg75
Jorge Antonio JimenezLone Wolf50
Ignacio MendezonaStill. Not. Bitten.40
Jessica GramerLone Wolf10
Kevin JacobsonCCS10
Bruce McCubbinLone Wolf10
Zac BrintonLone Wolf10
Jamison AlonsoCCS10
Jaden Corrado-WilkinsLone Wolf0
Wes PowersLone Wolf0
Robert YinglingLone Wolf0
Veronica WaalkLone Wolf0
Adam CosnerLone Wolf0
Jack O'BrienLone Wolf0
Criscia RinaldiLone Wolf0
Liu RuiYang RayenLone Wolf0
Matthew MikhinLone Wolf0
Merak TandonCool Kids 0
Wesley LippardCool Kids 0
Nick Feng CheahLone Wolf0
John HaightLone Wolf0
Dahra PerezLone Wolf0
Justin HanksLone Wolf0
Alex JalonenCCS0
Justice Burke CCS0
A.J. BussmanCCS0
Jaden AbernathyLone Wolf0
Rohit SainiCool Kids 0
Jackson FischerCool Kids 0
Chucky changLone Wolf0
Lauren BrittLone Wolf0
Raj SainiCool Kids 0
Amogh SubhedarLone Wolf0
Jarrod EhlertMeme Team0
Oliver ChungLone Wolf0
Dahra PerezLone Wolf0
Luke CampbellLone Wolf0
Tyler RobbinsBlack Mesa - Pacific North-West0
Marisa MelingLone Wolf0
James CrumboLone Wolf0
Sam MarsdenLone Wolf0
Kevin KatonaEcho Squad0
AJ ColomboLone Wolf0
Christo MenkenLone Wolf0
Keion RodriguezLone Wolf0
McKinley RoshakLone Wolf0
TalenuaLone Wolf0
Christopher PangLone Wolf0
Lelan SawtelleAntidisestablishmentarianism0
Tristan AdamCool Kids 0
Blaine ReinerLone Wolf0
Thomas BrownleeBlack Mesa - Pacific North-West0
VeronikaRopes Squad0
Frankie CamarilloLone Wolf0
Oscar Sanchez Bayton Griffith Lone Wolf0
Zachary MeldrumLone Wolf0
Ryan ChanLone Wolf0
Jarek AgcaoiliCool Kids 0
Will MielkeLone Wolf0
Jacob BurkeLone Wolf0
Adrian TP KacmarcikLone Wolf0
Pat YimtaeLone Wolf0
Jonathan KnowlesLone Wolf0
Natalia PollackCool Kids 0
Paul HuffmanLone Wolf0
Cole SchwinghammerLone Wolf0
Grant WuRopes Squad0
Noah TaubliebLone Wolf0
Garrett BlackLone Wolf0
Corwin RobinsonLone Wolf0
Laurel DarlingSeal Team 60

Zombie Horde (1065)

Tyler MallBorn Undead10250
Brayan LopezThe Horde7175
Cory PfeiferThe Horde2130
Charles OsbergThe Horde5125
Mónica MárquezThe Horde2110
Vince LeopardiThe Horde375
Sarah GravesMombie375
Anja ThomsenBrains250
Garrett ComptonBorn Undead250
Samantha TomeThe Horde125
Nick BugliarelliThe Horde00
Cameron ColemanU+1F4A600
Aiden LewisThe Horde00
Kai McDonaldThe Horde00
Stephen DocyThe Horde00
Saadiq DanielsSaadiq00
Nicky PilczDead Cool Kids00
Jared Rose-KimThe Horde00
Anthony WilliamsThe Horde00
Jayden YamadaGhost00
Nathan WeiseThe Horde00
Lily EubanksThe Horde00
Alice GeisslerThe Horde00
AD TaezaDead Meme Team00
Chase germanyThe Horde00
Punnut PongampanThe Horde00
David CruseThe Horde00
Mike BaughmanThe Horde00
Scott Fado-BristowThe Horde00
El SchaeferThe Horde00
Kieran BeriganThe Horde00
Akshat MadanThe Horde00

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